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R.I.C.H. Program - 9 month program based off of the following points:

W- Wisdom

E- Education

A- Anointed

L- Love

T- Teamwork

H- Health


W.E.A.L.T.H Program - 12 month program based off of the following:

R- Reaching

I- Intellectual Capacities of

C- Children and

H- Halting Financial Ignorance

Elementary Students Financial Basics - Schedule is customizable 

Teaches the fundamentals of financial literacy through games and activities which engage young learners. 


Middle School Students Financial Stepping Stones - Schedule is customizable 

Teaches the building blocks of financial literacy to help shape financially aware Middle School students.


High School Students Finances for Today and Tomorrow - Schedule is customizable

Teaches financial literacy principles to help high school students make informed decisions about spending, savings and debt.


College Students Financial Awareness -

Schedule is customizable

Teaches best practices for saving, spending and acquiring debt responsibly.


Adult Financial Literacy & Becoming Debt Free - Schedule is customizable

Teaches foundational principles of budgeting, saving, investing and debt freedom. 

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