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I want to thank you and MK5 Faith & Finances for your time and expertise in teaching the Becoming Debt Free Class.  This class helped me along my journey of financial literacy and a pathway to getting out of debt.  I learned the value of money and how making your money work for you could only be done by creating an efficient budget.  I look forward to learning more about eliminating credit card debts and investing.


We appreciate all that you do.


Thank you,


Michelle Nash

ITS Enterprises, Inc.

The Becoming Debt Free class was phenomenal! The speakers, forms, hands on training was great.  There were subject matters discussed that I had not given much thought about until I attended the class.  We are making progress with retiring debt even during the pandemic.  I highly recommend the class for anyone who needs more insight, strategies and processes that actually work.   Thanks a million! 


N. Ringer

Ringer Center of Excellence

Going through the Becoming Debt Free class with my husband has been informative and freeing.  We learned to be more mindful of our spending by making a monthly budget.  We created a vision board, and set some goals with dates on when to accomplish our goals.  God blessed us to refinance our mortgage, which made a positive difference in our money available for sowing and saving. We are looking forward to when we can continue the class and learn more of how God wants us to be good stewards of what he has blessed us with.  

R. Jones

We'd like to extend a special thank to MK5 Faith & Finances for their help in aiding our business in financial literacy on a commercial scale. They have definitely set us up for success!

Thank you so much.

Antonio Patterson

Fatboiz Premium Gourmet LLC

Wow! What can I say? My husband and I both agreed signing up for the "Becoming Debt Free" class hosted by MK5 Faith and Finances, Inc. was a good idea. Financially, we were at a crossroads and knew we needed  a different approach to achieve the means we desired. The Kimbroughs brought their "A" game. The class was informative, interactive and fun. It surpassed our expectations. Talking about money can be intimidating, especially if you've had some hiccups along the way. Their innovative style and method of teaching really made it easy to engage in every aspect of the class from start to finish. This allowed my husband and I to sharpen our own money managing skills, and learn about new affordable tools to reset our financial portfolio. We reduced our debt by fifty percent, and are on target to be debt free by early 2021. The MK5 Faith and Finances, Inc. team is professional, approachable and transparent...definitely an asset to the community.



Connie Phillips-Gilbert 

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